HERMETIC dry bags:

Protect yourself from your cell phone.

Simple cleaning and easy handling.

Wash your hands. Wash your hand held devices.

In times where the topic of hygiene is more relevant than ever, the HERMETIC dry bags can adapt to fill another function. Hand held devices, such as smartphones, were identified as the objects where germs and bacteria can hang around for a while. If your desire is to keep your hand held devices as clean as your hands then the hermetically self sealing dry bags are a great alternative, giving you a washable case.

Feature Feature

Already in use in sensitive locations.

Keep your phone protected all day in our TPU washable case and use it regularly to talk, text, shoot photos, web search etc. Clean the case as many times as needed with soap and water or alcohol wipes.

We started with a small amount of samples in Israel. After 10 days more than 8.000 dry bags are in use in the medical sector.

Text. Call. Surf.

Works also perfect with classic phones.

Patented technology.

The three rows of magnets close automatically and seal completely hermetically. This is the patented Gooper technology. The high-quality materials are perfectly aligned.


Three sizes.

dry bag medi

  • external: 148 x 203 mm
  • internal: 110 x 180 mm
  • e.g. for iPhone X, 70,9 x 143,6 mm

dry bag maxi

  • external: 188 x 215 mm
  • internal: 150 x 192 mm
  • e.g. for iPhone Xs Max, 77,4 x 157,5 mm

dry bag mega

  • external: 260 x 300 mm
  • internal: 224 x 277 mm
  • e.g. for iPad Pro 9,7"

HERMETIC dry bags

  • Easy handling due to patented closure technology
  • Simple cleaning with soap and water or with disinfectants
  • Touch function is retained
  • Have regular calls through the foil
  • Waterproof up to 30m
  • Automatically self-sealing
  • Delivery including neck strap

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